I did this for the ever-awesome Stan Sakai, to give to him at SDCC this weekend. Thanks, Stan, for all you’ve given to all of us through the years!  Inks with kuretakezig brush pens and Copic markers for color.

There’s an awesome new OUTNUMBERED strip up today!  (Well, that’s what they’re saying- and by “they’re” I mean my mom).  Go and enjoy it like you’re a relative!  http://www.outnumberedcomic.com/?p=505

This week is the week to get some TOM BANCROFT designed T-shirts!  Teepublic is having a $14 sale all week!  Till Friday!   Here’s my gallery there!  Don’t wait the “Fro-tastic Four” awaits!  https://www.teepublic.com/user/TomBancroft

And animators….

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Tom Bancroft INTERVIEWS animation legend John Pomeroy (Disney/ Bluth)! Go watch it NOW!

The new Batgirl but a little younger? I tried.

Tom here:  I put together a WIP of my steps for next Monday’s “Outnumbered” comic strip (sans the last gag dialogue).  Step 4 would be coloring it.  (Which I will be doing this weekend because my colorist is busy!)  Look for it Monday! (www.outnumberedcomic.com)

I’m doing a drawing demo tonight in Nashville and who walks up but actor/ voice actor Jason Marsden
(Goofy Movie/ Boy Meets World)

In doing some animation drawing demos at the Frist museum in Nashville! (I’m on the right and bald as the day is long.).

Last nights progress on Monday’s #OUTNUMBERED comics strip. #pugsuperhearing @kuretakezig_usa pens were used.