My wacked version of Jack Frost (not the one from Guardians). I kind of think of him as a villain- or at least unkind. He kills things, after all!

Crazy morning sketch- my version of Jack Frost. I think he should be a little nutty.

Arlo and Janis nailed a great life lesson in that last panel. It doesn’t matter what the gag was, because the point is clear in those last two panels. That’s a good way to live.

I have some silly t-shirts up on @TeePublic, why not check them out while they are on SALE?

Captain Marvel sketch for a buddy.

Now this is the team up I’ve always wanted to see! #patrioticpartners

For the ONLY the SECOND time in the life of OUTNUMBERED, I have a “guest artist”. Old friend and talented animator/director, Tony Craig, lovingly drew today’s strip! Check it out and share it!

Some high drama is coming to Outnumbered next week, Uh huh. Inks with @kuretakezig_usa pen

What are some of the art books that my bro and I would recommend? (Not our own, though those are swell). Check out the list at the Taught By A Pro blog!

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast has made it to the front page of the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” page (bottom, right)!  Awesome!  Go listen and review it on itunes, help us keep it there!