Flying to Omaha, of all places, to follow a crazy dream. This old bag has seen a few trips.

Done! This is cropped because the original is a big 11”x17”. Prismacolor and Copic Markers with @Kuretake akezig_usa brush pens for the inks. Marvel for the WIN!

Started inking Ms. Marvel tonight but I have to stop to record a Bancroft Bros podcast tonight!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has spread to comic strips! My outnumbered characters were challenged by @chrisflick ‘s strip. For the full strip, you’ll have to wait till Monday!

WIP- A little more marker progress before work this AM. Smart people do the BG first. Not me!

Starting to block in the colors on Ms Marvel. This is probably as far as I get today. Got other stuff to do! I’m liking the board though.

Drawing decided! I started sketching during lunch. Can you tell what’s going on? It’s a game, and Marvel is winning.

I’ve got this beautiful Bristol vellum board to try some markers on but.,….what should I draw?

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Here’s the newest Outnumbered Comic Strip for you, from me.  I’m happy to do it, seriously.  But it you want to share it with all your ice bucket challenged friends, please do.  As you can also see, it’s comma day.  

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